September 30, 2022

1. Shohei Ohtani took a no-hitter into the eighth inning

Back-to-back seasons of pure legend.

2. The Phillies lost their fifth-straight game last night

Recovering slightly this afternoon with a win, but the Wild Card spot that had been theirs is now most definitely up in the air.

Here’s where things stand as of this afternoon (5:00 ET):

3. This is the coolest baseball drone footage you’ll see all year

And a great homage to Wrigley Field.

4. The Blue Jays clinched a playoff spot

And here’s where they stand in the hunt for home-field advantage in one of the three-game A.L. Wild Card series:

5. The story of the Aaron Judge #61 ball

6. A great video from MLB Network on #61

7. The defensive play of the day: Ian Happ

8. Jason Heyward starts saying goodbye to the Cubs

Thanks for everything you’ve done— including the greatest speech in baseball history.

9. The stat of the day: Adley Rutschmann

When you move past Cal Ripken Jr. in the record books, you’re doing something very right.

10. Matt Carpenter might be coming back soon

One of the keys to the Yankees’ early-season breakneck win pace, and some good news in the last week of the season.

11. Some timing data on the effect of pitch clocks

And what we might expect with their implementation in the major-leagues next year.

12. And lastly, Aaron Judge watch continues tonight

A weekend series at Yankee Stadium, with the number 62 in everyone’s smiling, collective, anticipating imagination.



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