September 3, 2021

1. The Marlins and Mets both hit home runs on the first pitch of the first inning (in the same game)

Baseball, that ever weird, ever beautiful sport, has given us yet another once-in-a-lifetime quirk.

First, Miguel Rojas, on the first pitch of the game:

And then, Jonathan Villar, in the bottom of the inning:

A feat we’ve never seen before, at least that we know about.

2. Longtime Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling gets saved out of his car from the floods in New Jersey

83 years old, stuck in a flooding car on his way home from the broadcast at Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees’ Spanish radio broadcaster Rickie Ricardo got the call to go save him — and, heroically, brought Mr. Sterling home.

3. The Cubs win on an absurd walk-off error

An N.L. Central cellar battle, and a classic cellar-battle ending. Extra innings, meaningless innings, and a chaotic, joyful, bad-baseball finish at Wrigley.

4. The Giants and Dodgers series starts tonight in L.A. and they’re tied for the best record in baseball

85–49 vs. 85–49.

And the deadlock goes beyond even that. They’re 8–8 against each other this year, with exactly 68 runs apiece.

One of the high points in the entire history of the rivalry, the biggest series of the year in baseball, and a weekend when a sweep in either direction might just decide the division.

And the Giants, with one of the best rotations in the league, does not quite have the rotation lined up:

5. The Mets win again, and Francisco Lindor induces another balk run

He’s making a brilliant, hilarious habit of this — and it ended up being the winning run, as the Mets keep their post-Thumbgate win streak alive and win by one.

Earlier yesterday, he was catching a tennis ball at the U.S. Open, which might just become a perennial sight in New York for a decade — the stadium’s right next to Citi Field, he signed a ten-year contract, and he might just need an escape from the boos of Metsworld:

6. Javy “El Mago” Baez is back to his patented sorcery

Completely faking out Jorge Alfaro on the basepaths, the man who committed the error on Tuesday that allowed Javy to dash home and score the winning run in the ninth.

7. The clutch home run of the night: Adam Duvall

And, by far, the deepest.

The Braves win a key game to stop a bad losing week, with the Phillies and Mets winning again, and they undo the damage of a Charlie “Chuck Nasty” Blackmon mammoth grand slam:

8. Wander Franco continues his historic on-base streak

This might just be the newsletter category that never ends.

And he got it just in time, with bad headache symptoms acting up, as he drew the walk and immediately came out of the game — as the Rays lose two straight to the Red Sox, and soften (just a little bit) their giant lead over the division.

9. The Phillies have a huge comeback win and continue their seven-runs-a-game streak

Seven runs in seven straight games. And six straight wins, while they’ve been at it, to get right back into the mix in the N.L. East race.

10. And lastly, next week is the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Time for a road trip to Cooperstown?