September 29, 2022

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2 min readSep 29, 2022


1. Aaron Judge is Mr. 61

On a Wednesday evening in Toronto, with a line-drive shot flying over the left-field wall, he’s done it — tying Roger Maris for the most home runs ever in an American League season.

2. Aaron Judge’s full postgame interview after the milestone

3. And the Roger Maris Jr. interview

And he doesn’t hesitate to say that Aaron Judge will be the legitimate all-time home run champion, once he hits 62.

4. Aaron Judge could hit #62 tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium

Will Jordan Lyles become a forever trivia question answer?

5. The fan who dropped #61 will never recover from this

His name is (not kidding) Frankie Lasagna.

6. The key to the Aaron Judge home run

It was starting to become a home run “drought” after a week without one, and the very night after the Yankees clinched the division, a new manager — and the clear best friend of Aaron Judge in the clubhouse — stepped up and brought a whole new vibe to the scene.

7. In other news, the Mets won a crucial game last night

The Braves, surprisingly, lost to the Nationals. But the Mets meanwhile were down 4–0 in the late innings.

And then, it became the Eduardo Escobar Game.

Ending with him delivering a walk-off winner.

8. Gerrit Cole tied the Yankees’ all-time single season strikeout record

Ron Guidry now has company.

9. Highlights from Tyler Glasnow’s return to the mound

3 IP • 3 K • 1 BB • 1 H• 1 ER

10. And lastly, the stat of the day



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