September 28, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readSep 28, 2022


1. The Mets and Braves are tied atop the NL East

Mets lose, Braves win — and the final week’s duel is set.

2. The Blue Jays are a disgrace for walking Aaron Judge four times


3. And it backfired, too — the Yankees clinch the division in Toronto

4. Tyler Glasnow is back tonight

After Tommy John surgery last summer, he’s somehow made it all the way back in time for a postseason run.

5. And the Rays’ magic number is down to three

They’re still fighting for home-field advantage in the Wild Card series, but after winning late last night late in Cleveland, they’re likely in.

6. Heads up!

7. Al Leiter on The Dan Patrick Show this morning

A decent listen, talking about the mentality of pitchers going after (or not going after) Aaron Judge.

8. The Padres walked off the Dodgers last night

And the fans are not happy with Craig Kimbrel.

9. The stat of the day: The Braves have great rookies

10. The Cardinals officially win the NL Central

It’s been a fait accompli for a long while now, but now it’s in the books.

11. The catch of the day: Tony Kemp

A meaningless game out in California last night standings-wise, but this was incredible.

12. And lastly, three balks in one at-bat

The umpires have lost their minds beyond recognition.



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