September 26, 2022

1. Albert Pujols is Mr. 700

In back-to-back innings, one of the greatest ever steps up and hits #699 and then #700—and baseball’s most elite club has a fourth member.

And in another all-time elite baseball club, there are only two:

2. Watch his postgame clubhouse speech after #700

3. The current MLB standings this Monday afternoon

The playoff picture is sharpening into focus, and the only remaining races to watch are the Wild Card finales and the NL East, with 1.5 games between the Mets and Braves.

4. The Cleveland Guardians clinch the AL Central

In April, no one expected them to do anything. Ten days ago, the division was still up for grabs. And then:

They took four of five from the Twins, sweep the White Sox, and officially wrap up the season in one of the most dominant September stomp-downs we’ve ever seen.

5. The Red Sox are officially eliminated from the postseason

But at least they (supposedly) got Yankees fans to chant “Let’s go, Red Sox!” over the weekend, and they stopped Aaron Judge from hitting #61.

6. The Royals had an absolutely unreal comeback inning

Down by nine runs, they go and score eleven — and the Mariners’ bid to break their own playoff drought (still in good shape) takes a bit of a stumble.

7. The disgusting moment of the weekend

From Yankee Stadium, during last night’s rain delay:

8. The Tony La Russa era is over in Chicago (probably)

The White Sox have had their most disappointing season in a long while, and just before it was officially over, their skipper was officially ruled out.

9. Various news and highlights from around the league

10. The Dodgers officially clinch home-field advantage

Winning the regular-season National League on a walk-off diving catch.

11. The bummer injury of the year: Keith Hernandez

Broadcasting is a contact sport.

12. The awesome moment of the weekend

Getting ejected for this is a story they can tell their grandkids.

13. There’s a new First Pitch of the Year candidate

14. And lastly, another milestone for Albert Pujols

Just as he winds down, he’s not only reached the home run mark, but he’ll finish his career with just over 100 WAR — and occasionally in recent years it had ticked below that number.

Now he’s there to stay.



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