September 2, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readSep 2, 2022

1. Spencer Strider sets the Braves record for K’s in a game

Sixteen strikeouts last night, and it’s mustache fever in Atlanta.

Here’s the full highlight of his outing:

2. The Yankees play the Rays tonight 🍿

And the AL East gap is down to six games.

3. And the Yankees finally called up their star prospect, Oswald Peraza

They already have an Oswaldo, now an Oswald.

4. MLB.TV is free for college students for the rest of the season

If you know one, let them know.

5. The non-catch of the day: Sam Haggerty

Sprinting, leaping, flying into the net — but later overturned because the ball grazed the net first.

And then there was this too, by Tony Kemp:

6. Aaron Judge isn’t the only player to hit 50 HRs this year

The Japanese league isn’t as good as the major-leagues, but it’s still an incredibly rare feat over there — and a 22-year-old for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows hits a milestone.

7. The pitch of the night: Edwin Diaz hits 103 mph

Two outs, two strikes, two-run game in the eighth — and an unhittable missile launched right down the middle.

8. Orioles call-up Gunnar Henderson continues to impress

9. The Red Sox staged a big ninth-inning comeback

Their season is all but over, but still a great win for the home crowd at Fenway Park.

10. The quote of the day

New Yorkers are getting very nervy about the divison lead.

11. Joey Votto is gold in the broadcast booth

12. And lastly, this is how you relax

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone.