September 15, 2021

1. It’s time to stick a fork in the 2021 New York Mets

A year of flirting with first place, flirting with collapse, never fully committing to either — and now, halfway through September, we can close the book.

They’re 72–74. They’re done.

And here was the final nail in the coffin, a beautiful double play by the Cardinals, in the tenth inning last night:

2. On the bright side, the ’86 Mets documentary premiered last night, and the finale part two airs tonight

With nostalgia for better, more winning days for Mets fans.

3. The Cardinals, beating the Mets, are officially in a Wild Card spot

As under-the-radar a team as it gets, this year, and just like that they’re back.

Here’s Jayson Stark, to put it in perspective:

4. Today is MLB’s Roberto Clemente Day

The Pirates will all wear #21:

5. The deep home run of the night: Gavin Sheets

The White Sox keep it rolling at home against the Angels, in this strange months-long stretch of having no one to compete against in the division, nothing to force great performances — as they wait around for October to start.

But, they keep on making it happen:

6. And Eloy Jimenez made the catch of the night

The post-catch peace sign was truly elite, stylistically speaking.

7. MLB announces Seattle as the host of the 2023 All-Star Game

Safeco Field, T-Mobile Park, whichever suits your fancy.

Last time it was there, Ichiro’s rookie season:

8. The baseball costumes of the year: Two dudes in Toronto

First inning today, Rays vs. Blue Jays, and it’s hard to have a front-row gag better than this:

9. The Yankees snap back into form, bash a bunch of home runs, win a game

Things were looking very shaky these past two weeks, but baseball’s streakiest team is still right in there — tied, as of this morning, with the Red Sox and Blue Jays for those two A.L. Wild Card spots.

10. Manny Ramirez makes the case for Vladdy Jr. to win MVP

So much for Ohtani-mania.

11. The weird curtain call of the year: Javy Baez

The team is under .500, and 24–34 since the All-Star break. Two weeks ago, the fans were booing and giving thumbs down. And, last night, despite the greatness of his home run to tie it in the ninth, the Mets lost yet again.

But there it was, a curtain call:

12. And lastly, a Jake Brentz pitch that came just a bit short

The 2021 MLB bloopers reel grows one clip longer.



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