September 14, 2021

1. The ’86 Mets documentary premieres tonight

Part one of two, at 8:00 ET on ESPN, on one of the greatest, most unscrupulous, iconic teams in baseball history:

2. Vladdy Guerrero Jr. now leads MLB in home runs

So long, Ohtani.

And we might just be seeing a triple crown season.

3. The Blue Jays keep on winning and winning

The deficit behind the Rays is probably still too much to catch, but they’re now officially in the top A.L. Wild Card spot, after being almost out of the conversation completely just two weeks ago.

On a 15–2 run over the last seventeen games.

4. The Giants, with three weeks to go, have already clinched a postseason spot

Remember those predictions before the season began?

They’ve won eight games in a row, they have the best record in baseball, and 94 wins before September is halfway over.

No one quite understands it, but the magic is back.

5. The play of the night: Kevin Kiermaier

A losing effort by the Rays in Toronto, with the now-unbeatably dominant Blue Jays — but, there was this.

6. An umpire was hit square in the face by an errant throw

Something you probably haven’t seen before:

7. The Cardinals have gone completely under the radar and might just make the playoffs

They’ve not been talked about at all, not predicted for any run at October, not noticed, not given the time of day — and now, with the Padres in an all-out collapse, the Cards are just a half-game back of the second N.L. Wild Card spot.

Wake up, Cardinals fans. Wake up.

8. Aaron Judge had the clutch home run of the day, to keep the Yankees in the playoff race

Two outs, eighth inning. Down by three. With the season, each passing day, increasingly on the line. And then, he came through:

And the Yankees went on to win in the tenth, to stay even with the Red Sox for the second A.L. Wild Card spot.

9. Clayton Kershaw made his long-awaited return from the IL yesterday

And it was the first time his new buddy Max got to see him pitch, from a shared home dugout at Dodger Stadium:

10. Ryan Braun announces his retirement from baseball

Have never been a fan of the guy whatsoever, but he had a very good career on the field, never leaving Milwaukee, from 2007–2020.

A career WAR of 47.1.

11. The Mariners beat the Red Sox last night to stay just barely alive in the Wild Card race

Two games behind Boston and the Yankees for the second Wild Card spot, and if they sweep this series there might just be a chance.

Here was the highlight of the night, from Mitch Haniger:

12. Surprisingly awful seasons alert: Yu Darvish and Cody Bellinger

If you’ve not been checking MLB stats of late, you might be startled by the numbers next to names as big as these:

13. And lastly: Alek Manoah had the nastiest pitches of the night

This Blue Jays staff is suddenly rounding into form, and might just be the most dangerous team overall if they can snag a playoff spot.

Here’s their rookie star, pitching pure filth last night:



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