September 12, 2022

1. Albert Pujols has 697 home runs

He went yard twice over the weekend, now sits alone at fourth on the all-time list, and the #700 milestone looks incredibly real.

2. The current MLB standings today

3. And the updated power rankings

Nothing changing about who’s the best team in baseball.

4. The Yankees held off the Rays with two blowout wins

The Rays took game one on Friday night, with an anemic Yankees lineup combining with one of the blunders of the year (Aaron Hicks) — and the Rays brought the division gap to just 3.5 games.

And then, on Saturday…

Seven straight singles to start the game.

And yesterday, once again with no outs in the first inning, the Yankees took an immediate 3–0 lead — and it was 10–1 by the second inning.

5. Other highlights from Yankee Stadium this weekend

6. C.J. Cron hit a ball 504 feet in Colorado

On top of the Toyota advertisement car well beyond all the seats down the line in left field.

7. The Mariners had a huge walk-off win yesterday

The Braves were down 6–1 in the eighth, came back and took a 7–6 lead in the ninth, and then the Mariners roared back.

Two home runs in the ninth to tie it then win it, and they tie the Rays for the top AL Wild Card spot — with the fans in Seattle going wild.

8. The Dodgers have already clinched a postseason spot

If they finish strong, they’ll have the best record in franchise history.

96 wins, and the magic number for the division is just 2.

9. The food of the year: The fried-chicken donut sandwich

A special delicacy + death sentence from the Hartford Yard Goats.

10. Angel Hernandez did what? Made another horrible call?

What a huge surprise.

11. Tony La Russa might not return to the White Sox

He’s been gone during the past two week for health reasons, and meanwhile the team has played great — with a chance to still win the AL Central. Unclear what happens next.

12. Other highlights (many) and news from around the league

13. Rest in peace, Anthony Varvaro

14. And lastly, MLB approves a minor-league players union

A major, suddenly-coming-together piece of news for the whole sport.



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