October 4, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readOct 4, 2022


1. Albert Pujols hits HR #703 to pass Babe Ruth in the RBI list

The finale flourish to his incredible career keeps on rolling on.

2. The Phillies clinch an NL Wild Card spot

For the first time in eleven years, champagne for Philly.

3. And with that win, the Brewers are eliminated

A disappointing final week to the season, and the window on this group might be starting to close.

Here are the current Wild Card standings, with seeding between the Padres and Phillies still up in the air for at least another day.

4. Luis Severino was pulled after seven no-hit innings

Probably the right call, as he’s just coming back from injury — but still tough to stomach.

5. Aaron Judge watch continues, fruitlessly

And sadly, with this poor week at the plate, the Triple Crown possibility is all but done — as he’s now sitting five or so batting points behind Luis Arraez.

6. But Munetaka Murakami passed Sadaharu Oh’s HR record

Last night he hit #56, for the most home runs by a Japanese player in history.

7. The most absurd jersey-lettering display of the year

If you thought SALTALAMACCHIA was wild years ago, check out the new ascension to the throne — the king, Simeon WOODS RICHARDSON.

8. Tony La Russa has officially retired

Yesterday’s press conference, including a refreshingly honest and accountable quote: “I did not do my job.”

9. Kyle Schwarber homered twice yesterday for #45 and #46

A fantastic year for the guy, and yet he’s somehow fifteen home runs behind the top spot.

10. Various news and updates from around the league

11. This is awesome: Mailing campaigning for Cy Young votes

If you want to persuade the baseball writers, send them a message in a bottle.

12. And lastly, the stat of the day

Albert Pujols isn’t just hitting a couple late-career milestones — he’s having an incredible, very valuable season.



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