October 28, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readOct 28, 2022

1. At last, the World Series starts tonight

8:03 ET on FOX. Phillies on the road in Houston.

2. Tonight’s pitching matchup: Verlander vs. Nola

When Justin Verlander first pitched in a World Series game, in 2006, Aaron Nola was thirteen years old.

3. This is how you arrive to the World Series in style

4. The baseball highlight of the day: Walk-off HR in the Japan Series

I don’t speak Japanese, but it’s not hard to decipher what “Sayonara home run!!” means (audio on).

5. The Pujols #700 HR ball is going up for auction

And early bidding has already reached $130,000.

6. Various news from around the league

7. Today in “fan experience attraction” news

The fences are coming in at Citi Field.

8. Adam Wainwright’s new contract has a Silver Slugger clause

That’s pretty funny (the National League has no plans, that I’m aware of, to remove the DH next year).

9. Derek Jeter responds to the bizarre news from the ALCS

Aaron Boone decided to show his players the footage of the 2004 Red Sox comeback, the high point of an entire rival franchise which just as it turns out happened against the Yankees.

And then they went on to get swept that night, at home.

10. Lastly, there’s now a limited edition Albert Pujols cereal