October 26, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readOct 26, 2022

1. The sign of the apocalypse: The Yankees never learn

Utter insanity.

Aaron Boone is bland, uninspiring, boring, a complete wet blanket any time you watch him speak — and is it a coincidence that team keeps coming up short with lifeless game after lifeless game at the plate in October?

And Brian Cashman, simply put, has underachieved massively for more than 20 years now— with a reputation established on that 1990’s-2000’s dynasty he didn’t assemble in the first place.

One World Series appearance since 2001.

2. Shohei Ohtani was an answer on Jeopardy!

Or a question, technically?

3. Bryce Harper is a Philadelphia legend

4. Aaron Nola will start Game 1 of the World Series (8:03 ET Friday)

He didn’t do so well in that NLCS game in San Diego, but the Phillies roll the dice with a dominant Zack Wheeler to go in Game 2.

5. There’s a documentary on Willie Mays coming out soon

6. Adam Wainwright is coming back for the 2023 season

This year was the swan song for Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina and maybe Adam Wainwright — but now he’s deciding to run it back.

7. In case you were thinking about attending the World Series

8. The Marlins hire Skip Schumaker as their new manager

9. John Sterling is returning for another year of Yankees radio

84 years old and still going strong.

10. And lastly, sometimes baseball requires a birthday visit