October 24, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readOct 24, 2022

1. The 2022 World Series is set

Phillies. Astros. Game 1 starts all the way on Friday.

But who’s this TBD guy? Must be a good pitcher.

2. Philadelphia had one of the greatest sports weekends in city history

They Phillies win three in a row at home on a Friday, Saturday then a Sunday, in front of a raucous, ecstatic fanbase — and a most unlikely postseason run culminates with the National League Pennant.

3. Highlights from Game 3

Full-game highlights here (and some more individual ones below).

4. Highlights from Game 4

Perfect, exciting, back-and-forth October baseball — an absolute classic.

5. Highlights from Game 5, as the Phillies win the pennant

Rhys Hoskins goes yard yet again. Bryce Harper continues one of the best postseason stretches in history, becoming an absolute legend over the past two weeks.

And the Phillies are going to the ’ship.

And in the end, Bryce Harper comes up to the plate with the Phillies down by a run in eighth inning. A runner on base. And like you knew it was coming, it had to be — thwack!

And Joe Davis gives us one of the best calls you’ll hear:

“Bryce Harper, the swing of his life!!”

6. Postgame celebrating at Citizens Bank Park

Congrats, Phillies.

7. This was Kyle Schwarber after the game

8. And the Yankees, looking downright pathetic, are swept

Their disappointing, maddening season comes to an end with a whimper, as the lineup has looked lifeless for almost three months now — and just about every Yankee fan is wondering:

Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone can’t possibly be back after this, right?

9. Various news and bits from around the league

10. Lastly, the stat of the day: Bryce Harper

Simply incredible.