October 21, 2022

1. The Yankees lose Game 2 of the ALCS

And they look, simply put, awful.

Full game highlights here:

2. Game 3 of the NLCS is tonight at 7:37 ET

Three straight games in Philadelphia, their first time hosting the NLCS since 2010 — and with the series tied at one game apiece, two very exciting lineups going at it, this one could be great.

3. Bruce Bochy is hired as manager of the Texas Rangers

A big surprise if you’ve not been dialed into news surrounding that team, given that he’s been away from managing for several years, and that he’ll be 70 years old in a few years — but great news to see.

4. Joe Musgrove has a very cool team photo collection

Some of the photos from the article (via ESPN):

5. A good listen: Joe Maddon on The Dan Patrick Show

From this morning’s show:

6. The goofball Padres fan club singers are doubling down

Hey, if the team goes on to win the World Series, these guys better be throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day next year. As cringeworthy as it is, you have to respect that they’re going for it.

7. There’s yet another dumb injury

8. The cringeworthy quotes of the day: Luis Severino & Aaron Boone

Inexcusable, pathetic, weak, deeply lame.

9. To be fair, it was very windy

But still — the excuses, whining and postgame what-ifs are never things you should be hearing publicly.

10. Lastly, the Blue Jays have a new (non-interim) manager



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