October 19, 2021

1. The scene outside Fenway last night after the Red Sox won Game 3 was electric

This is what it looks like, when your team hits three grand slams in two games, takes the lead in the ALCS, and an unexpected, never-hyped season that went up and down and up and down — well, might very well be turning into another championship year.

2. The highlights from Game 3 of the ALCS

Early on, it was all Boston.

A rowdy scene at Fenway Park, an early 2–0 lead, the reappearance of “AltuvE4”, and then setting up the blow-it-open moment.

From a postseason icon, one Kyle Schwarber. Grand slam. Deep into the seats in right field.

From that point on, it was more home runs. More laundry cart rides in the dugout. A ever-bigger lead. And by the end of the night, a 12–3 win (and a beleaguered Houston bullpen).

And, finally, the last moment of the night — Hunter Renfroe with a web gem catch to end the game:

3. The Red Sox told Carlos Correa what time it was

First, there was Correa’s taunt, as the series began in Houston.

And then last night, a fan returning the favor:

Followed by the Red Sox’ starter, Eduardo Rodriguez, taking out the watch again just for good measure — and, very strangely, being reprimanded by Alex Cora (who was part of that 2017 Astros team, lest we forget).

4. Game 3 of the NLCS just started (5:08 ET)

The Dodgers are down 0–2 in the series, back home now for an early day game, and the situation is just about must-win.

And the home team catches a break early — after the Braves get the first two men on base, but the top of the first ends scoreless after the blunder by Eddie Rosario:

And just now in the bottom of the first, a two-run homer from Corey Seager.

5. Aaron Boone will be back as Yankees manager

To the chagrin of Yankees fans just about everywhere.

6. The stat of the day: The grand slam Red Sox

The only team ever to have three grand slams in a single postseason series, and they’ve done it just in the last two games.

7. Daisuke Matsuzaka made his last professional baseball appearance

One of the most hyped international MLB signings ever, from the “Dice-K” nickname to the mysterious “gyroball” pitch that was the talk of an entire offseason — and a massive bidding war before coming over from Japan.

From his Wikipedia page:

“On November 14, 2006, the Boston Red Sox won the bidding rights to Matsuzaka with a bid of $51,111,111.11, outbidding the Texas Rangers, New York Mets, and New York Yankees. The enormous figure — two to three times the Seibu Lions’ payroll — astounded both Japanese and American baseball executives.”

Yesterday, he pitched his final game in the NPB:

Here he was many years ago (circa 2000), pitching to Ichiro Suzuki:

And finally, here he was in the 2007 World Series (his rookie season), which the Red Sox won in a sweep over the Rockies:

8. Someone made a highlight reel of the Braves’ third-base coach, Ron Washington

He took the Rangers to back-to-back World Series at the start of the last decade, and now he’s found a second life as the most beloved coach in baseball — with his own personal highlight reel:

9. Hunter Renfroe hit John Smoltz’s monitor with a foul ball

No one was safe from the Red Sox’ bats last night.

10. This might be the worst umpire call in baseball history

Professional, amateur, little kids leagues, anything.

11. Selling cars is a preferable job to becoming the Mets GM

The Mets’ offseason rebuild is in absolute shambles, and this might be the quote of the year:

“No interest in the job… he said he is happy to run his car dealerships.”

And the guy has a very interesting baseball “fun fact” to his name

12. Lastly, tonight is Game 4 of the ALCS

Pivetta vs. Greinke. Schwarber batting lead-off again.

8:08 ET on FS1.



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