November 4, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readNov 4, 2022

1. The World Series is on the brink

Highlights from last night’s game:

2. Phillies had chances to win it, but just came up short

There was that clutch hit, from Jean Segura:

And a runner on third base, down by a run, with one out — and the Phillies just couldn’t drive him home.

There was a brilliant snag by Trey Mancini, perhaps the only likeable Astro player, and then the catch at the wall by McCormick in the ninth.

3. Game 6 is tomorrow night in Houston

4. Scenes from the ballpark last night

Last ballgame of the year in Philly.

5. Grand Junction, CO has a new baseball moniker

Baseball news is a bit thin today.

6. Yankees fans are rightfully irate at the Yankees

The team likely would’ve missed the playoffs if not for a historic year from Aaron Judge, and they’re 0–4 against the Astros in the postseason since 2015, but the organization appears ready to stand pat and roll it back once again.

7. There won’t be a New York bidding war for Aaron Judge

But I get the feeling that it’s not a sure thing at all that he stays in New York.

8. The World Series ratings last night vs. NFL

It helps that the football game was on Amazon, and featured a team from the very same city (Philadelphia).

9. Ronald Acuña Jr. will play some winter ball in Venezuela

10. And lastly, Larry Bowa’s World Series pick

The former manager of the Phillies chimes in: