November 2, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readNov 2, 2022

1. The Phillies win an awesome Game 3 at home

An all-time raucous, awesome night and an all-out home run party that brought home the Phillies a 7–0 win.

2. The game started with a first-pitch diving catch by Nick Castellanos

A great sign for Philly, and a callback to his amazing catch in Game 1.

3. And then came the home runs

Bryce Harper coming up to the plate in the first inning, and on the very first pitch in front of the home crowd since he homered to win the NLCS last week, he goes yard.

4. The stat of the day: Philadelphia seismography

Earth-shaking partying at Citizens Bank Park.

Update: this might not be true (even though ESPN ran with the story)

5. Tonight’s matchup for Game 4 (8:03 ET)

Aaron Nola has looked very shaky his past two starts, but tonight he pitches the biggest game of his life.

6. Last night’s Philadelphia legends at the game

7. This camera man had the best outfit of the year

In case you’re not familiar with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

8. Ranger Suarez was fantastic on the mound last night

Five shutout innings, after pitching out of the bullpen in Game 1 too.

9. Phillies fans are dancing

10. And lastly, no one will be watching the Eagles on Thursday night

They’re 7–0, one of the best teams in football, playing at home — but: