May 9, 2022

1. The highlight of the weekend: The Jorge Alfaro walk-off

The Padres down 2–0 in the bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Two runners on. The former Marlin, playing his former team.

And in one swing of the bat, he wins it.

The Spanish broadcast was incredible, too:

And so in the end, not a great trade for the Marlins, was it?

2. The defensive play of the weekend: Andrew Velazquez

The former Yankee-from-the-Bronx great baseball story is becoming a daily highlight reel out in Anaheim.

3. And the Angels make a huge comeback in the ninth to win

Three runs at the very last minute to pull out a win, and first place is still theirs in the AL West by half a game.

4. The overall MLB standings this Monday afternoon

The Reds, at 5–23, actually improve their winning percentage, the Cubs and Red Sox both start to completely fall apart, the White Sox get back in the mix, and the Mets continue holding the biggest divisional lead in baseball.

5. Mike Yastrzemski hits one into the water

Awesome positioning by “Dave” the kayak guy.

6. The Giants hosted a Buster Posey Day to honor his career

A great gesture, and much-needed for Giants fans, after the deflating news of his retirement in the offseason came without ceremony (and after that loss in the NLDS).

7. Yasiel Puig is still playing great baseball halfway across the world

Considering how many MLB teams are looking awful this year, it’s a bit of a mystery why he couldn’t find his way onto a roster — but there he was this weekend in South Korea, perfectly nailing a runner at the plate.

8. Some more highlights from the weekend

Bryce Harper took Max Scherzer deep. Ronald Acuña Jr. scored from first on a shallow outfield bloop single, and hit his first home run of the season while falling down. Luis Robert hit one over the Green Monster. Luis Urias made a brilliant play at third. And Miguel Cabrera hit his 600th career double.

9. A part-owner of the Dodgers is buying Chelsea FC

It’s been a tumultuous last few months for Chelsea, with their Russian owner sanctioned by the UK government — and finally after a lot of financial complications and potential to go out of business, it looks like the sale (and future of the club) is intact.

10. Other news and bits from around the league

11. Manuel Margot had an incredible weekend in Seattle

A three-run homer in the ninth to take the lead, on Friday. Then a grand slam to blow open the game on Saturday. And yesterday another home run to take the lead — which almost won it for the Rays, what would’ve been a four-game sweep, but the Mariners just barely came back late and won.

And he tried fried grasshopper at the ballpark, too:

12. This is the best catching prospect in Uganda

Would be awesome if a college program gives this kid a chance.

13. And lastly, pull-ups in the dugout

Baseball has a lot of downtime, why not work out?



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