May 8, 2021

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2 min readMay 8, 2021


1. Wade Miley throws MLB’s fourth no-hitter of 2021

Strikeouts are up, batting averages are down, but still — it’s May 8th and we’ve had four already (not including the seven-inning Bumgarner one).

2. Lindor sees a rat at Citi Field, McNeil sees a raccoon

“It was funny cause, I’ve never seen a New York rat! So we went down sprinting, I wanted to go see a New York rat! And he’s like no it’s not a rat, it’s a raccoon!”

People on the internet aren’t quite buying it:

Here’s the footage of the argument — you can decide if it was “rat or raccoon”-based, or that was just a bit of a cover story:

3. In the same game, Lindor finally broke out of his slump

Down by two, seventh inning. Two-run HR to tie it.

For now, maybe, he’s on the way back.

4. Great scenes of Willie Mays’ 90th birthday at Oracle Park

If anyone forgot just how great he was: the 1954 MVP and World Champion with the New York Giants, 24-time All Star, Hall of Famer, 156.1 career WAR.

A baseball hero getting a hero’s welcome:

5. Throws of the night: Michael Conforto and Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

6. Quote of the day, Joe Kelly: “Nobody asked”

Last night was his first appearance back in 2021, after having an operation for a shoulder cyst. Which only came out recently because, as he says, eating rice and beans during the presser, “Nobody asked.”

The first post-cyst outing didn’t start so well — 0.2 IP, 54.00 ERA.

7. Bobby Valentine is running for mayor of Stamford, CT

8. Two walk-offs last night: A’s and Mets

Seth Brown, with a winner out in Oakland — and the A’s are 20–14:

And then at Citi Field, on an infield dribbler by a Mets rookie in his second career at-bat:

9. Former players complain about the Angels’ treatment of Albert Pujols

Carlos Gomez, on a live stream: “When you release a guy, a future Hall of Famer, and a great person and a role model — that’s wrong.”

And then, Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz:

10. The winning runs in the no-hitter: 9th inning error + balk

Scoreless game until the top of the ninth, and without this happening — the no-no could’ve been completely moot:

11. The Dodgers lose again, and they fall to 17–16

To start the year they were 13–2.


12. The last member of the Boston Braves dies at 91

Del Crandall, long-time Braves catcher 11-time All Star, 1957 World Series champion — and he played the last two seasons of the Braves tenure in Boston (1949–50):

13. Kris Bryant has plays center field for a day

14. Lastly, the Angels’ tribute video for Albert Pujols, during the game

Happy trails, Albert — we hope he finds somewhere to keep playing.



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