May 6, 2022

1. The Mets had the comeback win of the year

Down 7–1 heading into the ninth inning.

And then, bit by bit, one of the wildest comebacks in recent history began — as the home crowd in Philadelphia sank into disbelief.

The Mets are now seven games ahead of the Phillies, comfortably in first place. They pitched a no-hitter over them a week ago. And now this.

2. Shohei Ohtani had an iconic moment at Fenway Park

He hits a ball so hard off the Green Monster that it knocks his #17 off the scoreboard — and if that’s not a God-wink from above, that this guy is a baseball angel sent down to amaze us, I don’t know what is.

And the wild part of it is, only the starting pitchers have their numbers on the scoreboard in the first place. It’s not like each batter gets their own green metal square during their at-bat — so the only person who could’ve possibly done this was him. The great, increasingly legendary Shohei Ohtani.

And not to forget, here was how his start on the mound went:

3. The Angels beat the Red Sox 8–0 to keep up their hot start

They’re 17–10 so far on the season, after two great back to back wins in Boston on late-game scoring runs, and first place in the AL West is still theirs.

And their social media team was in elite form:

4. The Yankees made a beer-drinking cameo at the Rangers playoff game

First round playoff series at Madison Square Garden, and seeing baseball stars still cross over into a true celebrity moment is cool to see, old-school Mickey Mantle kind of stuff.

5. Manny Machado went deep twice, and the Padres win 2–1

This guy is carrying the team until the return of Fernando Tatis Jr., and the Padres are now suddenly just half a game back of the Dodgers.

Don Orsillo is electric on the call of the second home run:

“Manny Machado, top tank!!”

6. The other best HRs of the night: Byron Buxton & Christian Yelich

This guy hits absolute no-doubters.

And then there was this. Christian Yelich going way deep.

7. A short preview of this weekend’s games

The White Sox (11–13) visit Boston (10–16) with both teams really needing wins, the Brewers play the Braves in Atlanta, the Dodgers come to Wrigley Field (double-header tomorrow), and out west the Cardinals visit the Giants.

Today’s schedule:

8. The Reds fall to 3–22 on the season

We might be watching one of the worst seasons in baseball history.

9. The stat of the day: Shohei Ohtani (again)

He should really just have a daily category at this point.

10. Miguel Cabrera tied Tigers legend Al Kaline in career hits

Mr. 3,007.

11. If a drunken, slovenly, borderline depressing brawl in the Wrigley bleachers is your cup of tea…

Well then, today you’re in luck.

12. And lastly, a Durham Bulls backflip

Don’t think Nuke Laloosh could’ve done that.



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