May 25, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readMay 25, 2022

1. Joely Rodriguez is the best baseball meme of 2022

If you missed it the other day, he perched himself very cozy-like on a chair along the rocks in the Coors Field batters eye, was asked to leave his spot by security — and now, the unsung Mets relief pitcher has been launched into the world of the photoshop gag.

Here’s the original:

And then:

2. The Giants walked off the Mets in a 13–12 thriller

Brandon Crawford delivered the winner, and Joc Pederson had a career night — three home runs and he tied the game twice in the last two innings.

And he had help from a certain lefty hitter familiar to the Bay Area:

3. William Contreras delivered a special walk-off win last night

Ninth inning, the Braves and Phillies tied at five runs apiece, and it was a very special night for the Contreras family — the first time they’d been there to see him play.

4. The defensive play of the night: Byron Buxton

One of the best highlights of the whole season.

5. And it protected a brilliant day on the mound for Sonny Gray

6. Tom Brady stepped onto the baseball diamond yesterday

Every division’s last-place team should offer him a one-day contract and let him go up to the plate just once — would be awesome for baseball.

7. Various news and bits from around the league

8. The Yankees are the first team to 30 wins

With a lead of 4.5 games in the AL East.

And they got there with the help of a walk-off winning hit on a sentimental night for Jose Trevino (who had three hits, too):

9. The quirk home run of the night: Matt Olson hits the foul pole

That very rare, very best kind of home run.

10. Wait — this is the quirk home run of the night

Kevin Kiermaier. An awful blunder in center field. And an inside-the-park HR.

11. Japan is helping grow baseball in Nigeria

From the article:

12. And lastly — Rest in peace, Joe Pignatano