May 24, 2022

1. Aaron Judge is playing the best baseball of his life

Two more home runs last night, now at seventeen on the year — five ahead of the next closest guy.

And batting .325 with a 1.113 OPS

The man looks and plays like an absolute superhero.

2. Which leads us to the stat of the day

3. The current MLB power rankings

Things are starting to round into shape, and the biggest surprise might be that the Braves still haven’t gotten back to where they should be — maybe the story to watch over the next month or so.

4. There’s a documentary coming out on the Savannah Bananas

If you’re a fan of the “zany”, this might be for you.

5. The home run of the day: Paul Goldschmidt

Walk-off grand slam, at home in St. Louis.

And the Cardinals are starting to creep up on the Brewers:

6. The Fergie Jenkins statue has been unveiled at Wrigley Field

A beautiful moment and honor, at the friendly confines.

7. The defensive play of the night: Jake Cronenworth

Bases loaded, two outs.

And as they say in San Diego, welcome to the Crone Zone.

8. Josh Donaldson receives a one-game suspension for his comment to Tim Anderson

9. Joe Kelly is still as fired up as ever

10. A highlight from the world of baseball handwriting

It’s not easy to write well on a round surface, with no room for error.

11. You get a big bottle of champagne for ten years of MLB service

And a clubhouse speech from Max Scherzer, to go with.

12. And lastly, baseball players like Settlers of Catan, too

If you haven’t played it, highly recommend it — perfect for a summer family gathering. Or on the train. With the Baltimore Orioles.



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