May 23, 2022

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3 min readMay 23, 2022


1. Rest in peace, Roger Angell

One of the greatest baseball writers that ever lived, and Michael Kay said something about him during one of the Yankees games this weekend that stuck with me (paraphrasing): “Roger was around for all 27 Yankees championships, he saw them all — Ruth, Gehrig, everyone.”

As he wrote, about baseball:

2. The White Sox swept their Sunday doubleheader at Yankee Stadium

Paving a little bit of a speed bump in front of the best team in baseball.

There was the Josh Donaldson vs. Tim Anderson drama, that’s all been over-hashed-out in the media by now, there was the best record in baseball vs. a surprisingly sub-.500 team, and now after the weekend the White Sox might just have their swagger back.

With a “hidden perfect game” from Michael Kopech, too:

3. Justin Turner pulled off a 1000-IQ baseball trick play

Either very smart, or unthinking, brilliant athletic instincts — and he nabs JT Realmuto at third base.

4. But then, the Phillies won the game on a two-run error

Maybe this is why Max Muncy shouldn’t be playing second base.

5. The current MLB standings this Monday afternoon

6. MLB’s top prospect, Adley Rutschman, was called up by the Orioles

And his first-career hit was a triple at Camden Yards:

7. The stat of the week: Lenny Dykstra

For all you baseball numbers and analytics fans out there.

8. The Rays are calling up the backflip guy

You see the news, and then you recognize the name. That guy.

He better bring this same move to the big leagues:

9. The Royals had the collapse of the weekend

Not that they’re in contention this year, but still. That must hurt.

And it produced the quote of the weekend, too:

10. This is how you relax when you’re not playing

Baseball teaches us life lessons, every day.

11. An article on the one-man origin of every MLB rosin bag

This guy is living the dream even more than the guy above^^.

12. Joey Votto returned to his hometown of Toronto

The Reds hardly ever play the Blue Jays, and the last time (before this weekend’s series) was in 2009.

13. The Nationals turned a triple play

The second of the season so far, after the Rangers last month.

14. And lastly, Nestor Cortes talks about his apple-eating

And making Shohei Ohtani start cracking up in the batter’s box — a good little video interview:



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