May 19, 2022

1. Albert Pujols is now #10 on the all-time hits list

Two hits last night against Max Scherzer in New York, and #3,314 takes him past Eddie Collins for tenth in the history books.

Here’s the all-time list — which it says here he’s still tied for tenth, where on other lists he’s already passed Collins (the hit numbers vary with some of the older era players):

2. And last night, Albert Pujols also stole second base

If you’re ever so slow that the other teams pays you no attention, it ends up becoming an advantage.

3. Robot umpires are debuting in the Pacific Coast League (Triple-A)

The time of ranting and raving and berating and booing might just be coming to an end soon, if this technology really works.

And here’s how they’re constructing the strike zone:

4. Max Scherzer left last night’s game with an injury

Thankfully it’s not any kind of tear in the throwing arm, but with the news coming out this afternoon it’s not minor.

And so the depth of this first-place Mets team will start to get tested, with deGrom and now Scherzer sidelined until mid-summer at the earliest.

5. The clutch hit of the day: Kolten Wong

Two outs in the ninth, two strikes, down by a run.

And the Brewers (now 24–14) went on to win it in the 11th inning:

6. Don’t bring a mitt to a game, bring a cowboy hat

7. Noted big man Dan Vogelbach tried to score from third

Simply fantastic entertainment.

8. Things got out of hand at a high school game in Sacramento

You have to love the local news wordplay cliches:

“On the field hits turn into post-game punches.”

9. The blunder of the day: The ball boy at the Rockies game

Live ball, fair ball, a double down the line. And it gets tossed right into the crowd.

10. And lastly, baseball trickery at its best

We need more of this in the major-leagues.



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