May 16, 2022

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3 min readMay 16, 2022


1. The Reds threw a no-hitter and lost the game 1–0

I’m sure you’ve seen the story by now, but wow — right when their season was starting to turn around just a little bit, the ineptitude reaches a new nadir.

Walk, walk, walk, fielder’s choice groundout. And the Pirates take the slimmest of leads and hold on in the ninth to win it. Unreal.

Kudos to the rookie Hunter Greene, for a long-to-be-remembered outing:

2. Albert Pujols pitched an inning on the mound

His MLB pitching debut, at age 42.

Back in a Cardinals uniform, in front of the home crowd, capping off a blowout win on Sunday Night Baseball — awesome scenes in St. Louis.

And the stat of the day:

3. And on the same night, the Cardinals set a historic milestone

The most wins as a battery in baseball history.

4. The MLB standings this Monday afternoon

5. Highlights from the weekend’s games

6. Wild animals are taking over the Oakland Coliseum

First there were the reports of wild cats, and now this.

7. Shohei Ohtani hit his 100th major-league home run

And #101 came the next day, too — in the form of a moonshot.

8. The Mets have a brush with the world of celebrity

First, Buck Showalter meeting his crush:.

And last night’s Game 7 at Madison Square Garden:

9. The great series of the weekend: Phillies vs. Dodgers

That beautiful afternoon sunlight at Dodger Stadium, the crisp red jerseys for the Phillies, the classic white and blue for the home team — and baseball hardly ever looks better.

(Photo via @Phillies Twitter)

The Phillies came into the series under .500 on the year, in town to play the best team in the league — and they went and took three of four and almost swept the whole thing (until yesterday’s walk-off winner from Gavin Lux), with the bats exploding in the first three games.

10. The other great series of the weekend: Yankees vs. White Sox

The most dominant team in baseball right now came into Chicago, won three of four (almost with the sweep) and looked like the class of the American League.

11. The bobblehead highlights of the weekend

Pete the polar bear.

And Tim Anderson the “Field of Dreams” cornfield slugger.

12. Various news from around the league

13. Mike Trout is a Liverpool F.C. fan

They won the FA Cup this weekend, still have a slight chance at winning the Premier League, and they’re in the Champions League final in Paris on May 28 — he most definitely picked the right team.

14. And lastly, a home run during a lightning strike



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