May 11, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
3 min readMay 11, 2022


1. Angels rookie Reid Detmers throws the first no-hitter of 2022

What a moment for the guy, in his eleventh career game.

He was selected tenth overall in the 2020 MLB draft, was called up briefly last year, and (including last night’s game) has just 51.2 career innings pitched in the majors. And now a no-hitter to his name.

2. And the Angels had a wild, all-time game for the home crowd

A 12–0 win. Two home runs from Mike Trout. Shohei Ohtani’s 2021 MVP award (and more) ceremony. Anthony Rendon hitting a home run while batting lefty, on a 54-mph pitch from Brett Phillips. And that no-hitter to top it off, with their first-place record surging to 21–11.

3. Aaron Judge hit a three-run walk-off HR at Yankee Stadium

The Yankees down 5–3. Ninth inning. A chippy, tense, back-and-forth game between divisional rivals. The Blue Jays looking to sneak away with a win.

And then, with two runners on, he crushes a ball into left-field seats. One of the most iconic moments of his career.

His first-career walk-off home run, his tenth of the year (now leading the majors), and the 21–8 Yankees now have a five-game lead over the Blue Jays.

4. Highlights from the rest of the Blue Jays vs. Yankees game

A wild one at Yankee Stadium last night, starting with one of those classic Yankee Stadium only home runs to the shortest part of the short porch in right field — a three-run HR to tie it in the sixth.

Then came a hit by pitch, the ejections, the outrage.

Then after tempers settled, the Blue Jays rallied and took a 5–3 lead late.

And then it was Aaron Judge, Yankees win. Start spreading the news…

5. There was a rat on the field at Nationals Park

Right after that moment, the Mets took the lead and won.

And so, the Rally Rat.

6. The defensive plays of the day: Tony Kemp, Mookie Betts

7. And the clever defensive play of the day

The Cardinals infield knew what most of us might not, that there’s no infield fly rule on balls that are bunted.

8. Robbie Grossman breaks the all-time MLB record for consecutive games without an error

His 401st straight errorless game, and he goes one ahead of Nick Markakis.

9. The surprising stat of the day: Tony Gonsolin

10. The Orioles have a rookie who throws 101.9 mph

And has an awesome chain to go with.

11. A fishing expedition made its way onto the Reds broadcast

The Ohio River has more exciting things happening along it than baseball games from a 6–24 Reds team.

12. Mike Clevinger, back from injury, is wearing pigtails

13. Luis Severino to Aaron Boone: “I’m staying in!!”

Like getting called inside as a kid playing in the backyard, just say no!

14. Alex Verdugo pulled the outfield wall padding down

Never seen this happen before.

15. Harrison Bader hit an inside-the-park home run

One of the easiest ones you’ll ever see, and he drove in two RBI.

16. And lastly, the best new ballpark dessert item

Cannoli milkshake. Yankee Stadium.



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