March 4, 2022

1. Here’s to happier baseball times: The vintage video of the day

From the great Twitter account of Fergie Jenkins, an old clip from him pitching at Wrigley Field:

And he might win for the line of the day, too — his new statue can’t be placed outside the friendly confines just yet.

2. And the recent highlight of the day: Vlad Guerrero Sr.

Going deep in the Dominican Republic for a “jonron”:

3. The MLBPA donated $1 million to workers affected by the lockout

4. This was the back page of the New York Daily News

Unhappy Gilmore.

5. The Rays pitching prospect who got hit badly by a line drive last year is making a comeback

A great turn of events to see, from the Tyler Zombro story:

6. Locked-out MLB players are doing workouts at the University of South Florida

And this is weird, Bryce Harper and Tim Anderson filming a commercial in their team uniforms. You’d think that would all be out the window until a new CBA deal is decided:

8. This is the most original baseball taunt of the year

Waving goodbye in the middle of a windup — and then the strikeout:

9. Max Scherzer finally updated his Twitter account

Until days ago, he still had on the Dodger uniform — now, at last, the Mets.

10. Yasiel Puig had dinner in South Korea with former Dodgers teammate Hyun-Jin Ryu

And here he was two weeks ago giving out kisses in the new uniform (Kiwoom Heroes):

11. Sportswriter Bill Madden believes superagent Scott Boras is to blame for the current lockout fiasco

I would not be surprised at all if that’s the case.

The Youtuber guy’s visual overlay on the video is a bit annoying, but here’s the whole interview from the Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s radio show:

12. And lastly, here’s what the path of a home run ball looks like

From the point of view of the ball, that is (although the drone operator seemed to forget to make the ball actually land).



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