March 31, 2022

1. Trevor Bauer is suing The Athletic for defamation

Whether or not he was treated fairly by the media (he probably wasn’t, in several ways), whether or not he’s a decent character (he isn’t), it doesn’t seem like he has much of a legal case here.

He’s suing the writer, too, Molly Knight.

From the article:

2. A good listen: Randy Johnson on The Rich Eisen Show this morning

Talking about the advice he got from Nolan Ryan.

3. 75-year-old Bill “Spaceman” Lee walked onto a field from the stands and struck someone out

119 career wins in the major leagues, enjoying his retirement and elder years, and yet he’s still got it — as these Savannah Bananas antics continue to go viral, just about every week.

4. The baseball quote of the day

5. The vintage baseball photo of the day

6. Brian Cashman made an odd comment, defending his record

As much as we all despise the Astros for what they did in 2017 (and presumably onward), you can’t rewrite history and declare that the Yankees made two World Series appearances since 2003.

It’s been one — despite the unfairness. Grimace and move on.

7. The highlight of the day: Zack Greinke

The passion. The emotion. The colorful personality.

8. The actual highlight of the day

The Phillies turned a 1–6–4–3 double play, off the carom:

9. Seiya Suzuki hits his first home run with the Cubs

Unclear what kind of career he’ll have stateside, but he’s the most hyped player to come over from Japan since Shohei Ohtani.

10. Rob Manfred is meeting with players to improve the relationship

Let’s hope in some small way it works, and we never have to go through a lockout (or strike) debacle again.

11. The fan giveaway item of the year: This Derek Jeter plaque

And a whopping 40,000 will be given out, September 9th.

12. And lastly, a Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker highlight

Two old school baseball guys, deciding on extra innings or simply heading home for bedtime. This is great:



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