March 30, 2022

1. The Cardinals are winning 28–4 right now

It’s Albert Pujols’ first game back with the team in eleven years, and the clubhouse has become electrified.

2. And here was Pujols with a hit in his re-debut

3. Catchers are starting to use digital devices to give signs

The strange part is that it relays a spoken audio signal into the pitcher’s ear, in English, Spanish or other languages — but why not instead have it beep or buzz twice for curveball, once for fastball?

The end of this video zooms in on the device:

4. The highlight of the day: Cedric Mullins in center field

The Orioles unfortunately don’t have much to cheer for these days, but they do have this guy.

5. And the bizarre highlight of the day

From the Japanese league, the world leaders in the is-it-bizarre-or-awesome category:

6. The best rotations in baseball this year, ranked

Agree, disagree?

7. Corona is now an official beer of MLB

Rebranding bit by bit away from the whole virus connotation:

8. News and transactions from around the league

9. The Dodgers re-signed Andrew Toles to help his mental health struggle

He’s been off the grid and away from baseball entirely for years now, at times homeless in Florida, after being the starting left-fielder on the 2016 Dodgers — but, hopefully a sad story has a decent resolution (and it’s a nice gesture from the organization).

10. JJ Watt really wants to see Shohei Ohtani play

11. Chip Caray’s twin sons are now in broadcasting

Great-grandsons of Harry, calling games for the “Sod Poodles”.

12. And lastly, the home run of the day: Bryce Harper



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