March 23, 2022

1. Jacob deGrom looked great in his first spring training outing

He missed half of last year after what was maybe the most dominant start to any season in history — and so, seeing him back is great news for baseball.

And if he keeps up the good work, he might even make the team:

2. More highlights from spring training

Freddie Freeman gets a hit in his first at-bat with the Dodgers, Juan Soto hits his first home run this spring, and this afternoon — a hot mic in the stands at the Phillies game:

3. Always run to first base

Fair ball.

4. The quote of the day: Buck Showalter

He might be leading this category every day of the season.

5. More from Buck Showalter

“Have you tried it?”

“Not yet.”

6. The Rangers scored 25 runs on Monday

Shouldn’t there be a mercy rule in spring training?

7. Behold, the “Ohtani Rule” is here

Even if he comes out of the game after making a start on the mound, he can still keep batting in the DH spot.

And at least for one more season, the “ghost runner” extra innings rule will be in place — to the sigh of baseball fans everywhere:

8. More free agent signings around the league

9. Craig Lynch, blind sportswriter, dies at 72

From the Chicago Sun-Times article:

10. The Nationals are retiring Ryan Zimmerman’s number

Mr. National.

11. Joey Votto is now on social media

His Instagram link here, with just one post so far:

12. And lastly, the baseball mistake of the day

Spring training is built into the schedule for a reason.




The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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The Baseball Newsletter

The Baseball Newsletter

The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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