March 18, 2022

1. The Ricketts family have submitted their bid for Chelsea FC

It seems unlikely they’ll get it, the family that owns the Cubs, but an interesting possibility for another American ownership group in the English Premier League (adding to Manchester United and Liverpool).

The longtime, deep-pocketed Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovich has been forced out amid fallout from the invasion of Ukraine — and so now, on very short notice, several ownership groups have submitted bids.

2. Luke Voit has been traded to the Padres

It was imminent that he’d be dealt somewhere, with no space for him in the lineup after the Anthony Rizzo signing — and so now, the Padres gain a massive bat.

3. The spring training highlight of the day

Back-to-back home runs from the Tigers, in their first game of the year — including a bat flip, even in mid-March:

4. Freddie Freeman showed up to Dodgers camp in a suit

Prompting the quote of the day, from Dave Roberts:

5. Wander Franco took the wrong parking spot

And so, the consequence:

6. Zack Greinke really wanted to keep hitting this year

He’s not a fan of the universal DH rule at all (and coincidentally, he was the very last pitcher to get a hit under the old system, in last year’s World Series).

7. The World Baseball Classic is coming back in 2023

8. Fenway Park is adding a new seating area

Primo luxury views from 500-plus feet away.

9. Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave continues

I’m not a fan of Bauer at all, but it’s a little strange how long this indecision by the league has gone on — either suspend him from baseball or let him return. The indefinite limbo state doesn’t help anyone.

10. Ronald Acuña Jr. will start playing DH until he’s 100%

One good aspect to the (in my opinion, mostly bad) rule change.

11. The extra innings “ghost runner” might be back this year

Still not sure where the “ghost” part comes in (it is an actual human base runner, after all) — but one of the league’s most unpopular rules might yet have a reprieve.

12. And lastly, the exciting stuff: The Yankee Stadium turf crew

This is a proper baseball highlight.



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