March 16, 2022

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2 min readMar 16, 2022


1. The Cincinnati Reds are dead

You have to feel for their fans, as that original American baseball team continues to break down every hope of a rebirth. That surprising promise of last year’s lineup? In one day, just like that —vanished.

Jesse Winker (24 HR, .305 batting average last year) is gone. Eugenio Suarez is gone. Nick Castellanos is a free agent and will be gone. Joey Votto is still there for now, and he has to be a bit confused.

Reds fans are protesting in the streets. Hug one if you know one.

2. The bonanza of signings and trades continues

Where to start? This will be a long one.

3. The MLB transaction bonanza, continued

Some smaller deals, and things are definitely not done yet.

4. Sandy Koufax is getting a statue at Dodger Stadium

With a ceremony on June 18th, next to the Jackie Robinson statue in the centerfield pavilion.

5. Freddie Freeman says goodbye to Atlanta

With the trade for Matt Olson, and then immediate eight-year extension, it became obvious that Freeman won’t be coming back — and so this afternoon, he said his goodbyes.

6. And here was the Braves GM, sounding emotional about the decision

It might have been the right call in the long run, bringing in the younger Matt Olson (and if Freeman’s price tag truly was that high, unclear) — but still he understandably sounds torn up about it.

7. The quote of the day: Buck Showalter

8. The baseball highlight of the day: Ronald Acuña Jr. is back

“I’m back.”

9. Joe Buck leaves FOX for ESPN

And so, the voice of the World Series is no more.

10. The Padres are not in a good place

Two quotes, and a video.

11. The wholesome spring training photo of the day

12. Chris Sale will miss the start of the season

From the article, on the extent of his recent injury history:

“Sale, 32, missed all of 2020 and most of 2021 following Tommy John surgery. He made it back for nine regular season starts last year, in which he was 5–1 with a 3.16 ERA.”

13. When you get traded twice in a week, your car’s whereabouts are completely unknown

Rangers, to Twins, to Yankees — and dude where’s my car?

14. Lastly, an odd, amusing tidbit from the lockout

Ohtani’s interpreter was employed by the Angels, so he legally couldn’t speak with Ohtani during the lockout — and so, a clever solution:



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