March 11, 2022

1. Spring training started today

One day after the CBA agreement, and just like that — baseball is back. And what’s our national pasttime without a vulgar outburst on the field of play?

2. More images from Arizona and Florida spring training camps

3. It’s an absolutely great feeling right now

Every year, this is the beginning of spring training.

4. The free agency sweepstakes have begun: Rodon to the Giants

With much much more to come, in the few days.

Some smaller deals, so far:

5. Some of the major rule changes for MLB in 2022

Expanded playoffs (but not to 14 teams at least, thankfully), normal double-headers and extra innings again.

6. Here was Rob Manfred speaking to the media yesterday

Relieved, happy, contrite, ready to move on.

7. The era of blank-face player avatars on Twitter is over

Back to real faces. Real caps. Real uniforms.

8. The baseball highlight of the day: Vladdy Jr. taking swings

9. Albert Pujols may still have some suitors for 2022

And he’s very within reach of the 700 home-run mark.

10. David Ross has been extended as Cubs manager

Good, familiar news from the Northside.

11. Checking in on the Trevor Bauer situation

It seems like most Dodger fans completely (and understandably) turned on him last year, but he’s now free to play and he was never criminally charged — so now, what to do?

12. Rest in peace, former MLB pitcher Odalis Perez

13. Japanese-league star Seiya Suzuki is in Los Angeles

Deal with the Dodgers or Angels coming soon?

14. And lastly, the quote of the day



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