March 1, 2022

1. MLB Opening Day is cancelled

Today was the day, the deadline day. And after a marathon night and day of last-minute negotiating, with a final offer from the league to the players union this afternoon — the offer was declined.

And so, just now (5:05 ET), Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that regular season games will be missed.

Personally, not that I “root” for the owners at all, not that I’m their “fan” in any way, but I find the players’ position to be utterly wrong here. The owners seemed to have conceded a decent amount at the last minute, and in general their employees are incredibly well compensated — and so at this point I just wonder: What exactly are the players after? Any time you negotiate in life, you never get everything you want. But when you get a lot of what you want, and even before any negotiation takes place you have a incredibly comfortable, wealthy, happy life, well I’m sorry but:

Take the damn deal. Go put on the uniform. Get on the field.

The Twitter mob these days will call that “bootlicking for the owners!” but it’s no such thing. Owners are owners. I’m not for or against them, really. I don’t think about the owners. But at the end of the day, we love baseball, we want to watch baseball, and when players have this great of a life, financially and otherwise, and through staying strong during negotiations acquired even more gains, well at some point we have to keep them honest and once again say:

Accept the deal. Play baseball. Stop it, already.

2. Here was Commissioner Manfred speaking to the media

Just a few minutes ago, he was live on ESPN:

3. Some highlights from last night’s marathon negotiating session

Going deep into the night, with seemingly a lot of progress being made after midnight even — and then after more talks today it was all for naught.

Things were almost even “consummated”:

4. And then today, the turn for the worst


5. There will, apparently, be more negotiations

But who cares?

6. The scene right now in Jupiter, Florida

7. The solution? Let’s all go pack minor league stadiums

Our summer game isn’t going anywhere.



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