June 6, 2022

1. The current MLB standings this Monday afternoon

The Braves and Cardinals are surging. The Angels have lost eleven games in a row. And the Yankees are right at the edge at 40 wins, still with the best record in baseball.

And here are the power rankings:

2. Matt Olson made the play of the weekend

A one-run lead in the ninth, with a runner on second base, the Braves on the brink of pulling off a sweep to get right back into the National League mix — and it’s a dive into first base for the win.

3. The Dodgers have an Olympic silver medalist speed skater

Meet Eddy Alvarez, who tied the game yesterday in the bottom of the ninth — and won a silver medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics (5000 meter relay), and also a silver medal at the 2020 games in Tokyo for baseball.

4. Aaron Judge leads the league with 21 home runs

The next closest guy has just 16.

5. This is the worst umpiring call of the season

There have been many awful ones. But this is the one.

6. The home run of the weekend: Bryce Harper

Bottom of the eighth, two outs, full count, down by four. Boom.

And then the next inning, down by a run — Bryson Stott came through and walked it off for the Phillies, in front of an ecstatic home crowd.

7. The Mets have been using high-tech pitching machine

And they’re leading the National League, so it might just be legit?

8. Alec Bohm hurt himself slamming a bat in the dugout

If you’re going to get angry and throw a fit, at least look cool and strong while doing it — not like this.

9. Little Big Papi drove in Little Manny yesterday

Teammates on the Brockton Rox (Futures Collegiate League).

10. The stat of the day: Josh Hader

11. Camden Yards might be losing its “THE SUN” sign

They’ve already turned the left-field wall into a bizarre monstrosity, and now they’re planning on some more tinkering.

12. And lastly, a good listen: Albert Pujols on a podcast talking about his baseball journey

It’s his final major-league season, so anyone who’s lived in fear of “The Machine” for years can finally relax, and enjoy the farewell tour.



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