June 30, 2022

1. Behold, the best moment in Guardians history

In the historic three-month-old annals of the newly renamed Cleveland baseball team, this moment might just be king.

And they’re right there in the thick of the AL Central race:

2. Commissioner Rob Manfred wants MLB an expansion to 32 teams

Doesn’t sound like a good idea, considering how many awful teams are currently filling up the league — low batting averages all around, and not any many true superstars as there used to be in past decades.

The full story is here, and it starts out hot:

3. The defensive play of the night: Christopher Morel

And a home run later in the game, too:

4. “Do you know what a jawn is?”

A fantastic discussion on the slang of eastern Pennsylvania, from the Braves radio broadcast.

5. Shohei Ohtani was brilliant on the mound last night

And his season ERA drops to 2.68.

6. More on the Freddie Freeman situation

First, a tweet from Doug Gottlieb (primarily a basketball commentator) that blew up yesterday:

And then the response from Freeman’s former agent:

And here was Tom Verducci on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, talking about the entire situation and backstory.

7. Former #1 overall pick Mark Appel made his MLB debut last night

At long last, he’s in the show.

And a long discussion postgame with Jon Morosi:

8. Some good news on the Jacob deGrom comeback

9. The Red Sox are still red hot

10. Sandy Alcantara is very very good

Another complete game last night, and he’s easily the front runner for the NL Cy Young award this year.

Just look at his last few weeks of starts:

11. An update on Juan Soto’s potential future with the Nationals

12. And lastly, this is how you fly in style

It’s hard to exhibit more elegance and swagger than this.



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