June 27, 2022

1. Highlights from the first great MLB brawl of the year

Angels. Mariners. A hit-by-pitch. And then the chaos.

Here’s an explanation of the entire backstory, from Jeff Fletcher (Orange County Register):

And a view of the brawl from the front row:

2. The first Yankees vs. Astros series of the year was wild

It ended with both teams splitting two games each, included a no-hitter, two Aaron Judge walk-offs — and a potential preview of a fantastic October postseason series.

Here’s how the weekend ended:

And the day before, it was a different story there at Yankee Stadium:

3. The current MLB standings this Monday afternoon

The most notable change being the red-hot Red Sox. Now in second place in the AL East, leapfrogging over the Rays and Blue Jays after a well below average start to the season.

4. Freddie Freeman had a very tearful return to Atlanta

There is, every so often, a lot of crying in baseball.

And at the plate, he didn’t get overwhelmed by the moment:

5. Ole Miss is the NCAA baseball champion

6. The real baseball highlight of the weekend

This was awesome.

7. Spencer Strider is the new star of the Braves

And the team even changed their profile picture for a few hours, in honor of the latest great mustache’d player.

8. Spike Lee brought home Aaron Judge’s walk-off bat

When the Knicks disappoint for decades, switch to baseball.

9. MLB’s longtime mud man might be getting replaced

Times really do change.

From the Sports Illustrated article (link):

10. The defensive play of the day: Michael Harris II

11. Various news and bits from around the league

12. And lastly, it’s finally baseball season again

The NBA season is done. The Stanley Cup Finals ended last night. Football is still in the distance. And so, the summer of baseball begins.



The best of baseball, in case you missed it

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