June 23, 2022

1. In case you missed it: Shohei Ohtani is amazing

Just think about this feat for a second.

Here are the highlights from last night’s performance on the mound — the way he celebrates the last few strikeouts is awesome.

And maybe the stat of the year, right here:

2. The Cleveland Guardians are in first place

Who saw this coming?

Four runs in the ninth inning yesterday to beat the Twins, 11–10, and just like that the AL Central lead is theirs.

And they’re a very young team, too.

3. Austin Hays hit for the cycle

And he got there in just six innings.

Bet you can’t guess who the last Oriole to hit for the cycle was.

Take a guess

Don’t look yet

Jeopardy music playing

Okay here it is, the answer you most definitely did not get:

4. Today’s MLB schedule: Five afternoon games

If you’re clicking around for something to listen to, five early games are already well underway — here’s the list (1:50 ET):

5. The clutch hit of the night: Jose Trevino

The Yankees continue their never-ending hot streak, and sink the Rays yet again with a late comeback win, from their unsung breakout role player star, Jose Trevino.

6. The unexpected quote of the day: “He’s not hurt, he’s just fat.”

Talk about candor, from the Guardians radio broadcast.

7. The what’s-going-on!? ballpark chant of the year

If you’ve not followed Red Sox prospect news lately, this would be among the most baffling ballpark moments possible.

And in case you’ve missed it, here he is. Jeter Downs.

8. This weekend’s flagship series: Astros vs. Yankees

Starting tonight in New York, a four-game set, two division-leading teams, and let’s hope Yankee fans haven’t forgotten about everything that’s gone down over the past few years.

9. This afternoon’s early highlight: Clayton Kershaw’s pickoff move

And an awkward walk back to the dugout for Jonathan India.

10. And lastly, Dansby Swanson is on fire

Three home runs in his last four plate appearances.

And the Braves continue to gain ground on the Mets, who’d seemed untouchable until about a week ago. Here’s how last night finished, and putting their last month into perspective:



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