June 22, 2022

1. Doug Eddings had a very bad ballgame last night

If you don’t know the name, well — he’s the man in black with the mask on behind the plate. And one of the worst performances of the year.

2. And then, to make matters worse for frustrated Blue Jays fans

A much-needed walk-off win for the White Sox in extras.

3. Shohei Ohtani hit two three-run homers last night

And yet, the Angels lost again — and you have that same thought you had on the day he was let go: How exactly was Joe Maddon the problem with this team?

4. Isaac Paredes hit three HRs in his first three at-bats

The return piece from the Tigers in the still-somewhat-confusing Austin Meadows trade has his biggest moment with the Rays yet.

5. The stat of the day: Pirates rookie Oneil Cruz

Baseball names used to be universally fantastic. Cookie Lavagetto.

And then the other Pirates call-up, the Palauan guy mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, hit his first home run in the big leagues last night.

6. The Dodgers are just barely keeping pace in the NL West

After stumbling for a good week or two, they might be turning things back around to where they’d been — despite all the bad injury news of late.

7. The Rays have a fantastic new soundtrack choice

Sometimes “The Trop” comes through.

8. White Sox fans are still chanting “Fi-re To-ny!!”

It’s not going well for La Russa, but seemingly his job is still entirely hyper-protected by the grace of the Jerry Reinsdorf friendship.

9. Today’s afternoon listen: Mark Prior on The Dan Patrick Show

If you’ve missed it, the former Cubs sensation is the pitching coach for the Dodgers, on the show talking baseball generally:

10. Clint Frazier is no longer Clint Frazer

That’s not metaphorical language or a commentary on his statline and demotion to the minor leagues.

He’s not Clint Frazier anymore. He’s Jackson Frazier.

11. Always great to watch: An inside-the-park HR

A two-run… low line-drive onto the grass from Jordan Luplow.

12. And lastly, GoPro cameras should become a staple of MLB broadcasts

During the game might be a bit of a stretch, but pregame this is a must.



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