June 21, 2022

1. A look at the early voting results for the All-Star Game

2. The highlight of the day: A squirrel on the field

Slightly concerning for baseball that the biggest viral social media moments happen to be entirely non-baseball-related — when cute animals run around the field to our delight.

3. The actual baseball highlight of the night

The just-called-up Oneil Cruz with a rocket throw across the diamond.

4. The Yankees won their 50th game of the year last night

One of the best starts to a season we’ve ever seen.

4. And Gerrit Cole took a no-hitter into the eighth inning

Meanwhile the Rays continue to fall apart, lifeless at the plate the past two weeks, just two wins in their last ten games, falling down to fourth place in the AL East after last night — and now coming down with the injury bug.

5. Bligh Madris is MLB’s first player of Palauan descent

Map for reference:

6. Joc Pederson, wearing pearls, got his World Series ring

And a hearty welcome back from the crowd in Atlanta.

7. And the Braves walked off the Giants in the ninth

8. Buck Showalter wants a utility man spot in the All-Star Game

Sort of an odd idea but a cool idea.

10. Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz made a Fenway Park appearance

11. The historic scoreless streak is over, for Clay Holmes

12. And lastly, Tropicana Field has had some errors lately

Then a bit of a loophole here — can your ballpark be scored with an error if it’s missing its E?



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