June 20, 2022

1. Baseball knows how to do Father’s Day right

2. Mike Trout had an unreal weekend in Seattle

The ballpark and team he’s crushed on a historic level throughout his career, just got crushed some more.

3. The MLB standings this Monday afternoon

The Yankees are on the brink of 50 wins before 20 losses, the Red Sox have surged back into the postseason-spots mix, the red-hot Braves cool off just a little, and the top of the NL West is setting up to be a great watch the rest of the summer.

4. And today’s power rankings, from Fox Sports MLB

It’s all New York at the top, once again.

5. Pirates rookie Jack Suwinski hit three HRs, including a walk-off

A hat trick in a hockey town gets shown a lot of love.

6. There was another brilliant rookie moment this weekend

His first major-league hit is a grand slam for the lead against the best team in the National League.

And then, this throw.

7. Max Scherzer is making a rehab start this week at Double-A

The still-in-first-place Mets will be scary again very soon.

8. The catch of the weekend, from the College World Series

The final tournament of the NCAA season, and Oklahoma’s first baseman takes the highlight cake — a complete flip over into the dugout.

9. Aaron Judge goes shopping for cool sneakers

Not as good as the New Balance dad shoes, but hey. He’s trying.

10. Various news and bits from around the league

11. Johnny Cueto might just be back

Get ready for more shimmy in your life, people.

12. Ryan Zimmerman absolutely comes through

Baseball and beer gesture of the year.

And his number was retired at Nationals Park:



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