June 16, 2022

1. The defensive plays of the day

There were some great ones last night, so this leads the newsletter — starting with Mike Trout at the wall, robbing Chris Taylor of a three-run homer:

And then, Steven Kwan.

And finally Miguel Rojas, with a brilliant tag.

2. MLB is releasing jerseys and hats with holes in them

Either we’re all too dumb to understand haute fashion, or this is the worst idea in recent memory. Just look at the prices:

3. Aaron Judge already has 25 home runs

We’re halfway through June, and if he never hits another one all year he’d probably still finish in the league’s top 20. Unreal.

Here’s the homer:

4. The Braves are still streaking

They’ve haven’t lost in this calendar month.

5. The hit of the night: Garrett Stubbs walks it off

This Phillies team, for as up-and-down as they’ve been, have had some electric wins at home, coming back late in games.

Two outs. Two strikes. Ninth inning. Down by a run.

6. Tyler Anderson took a no-hitter into the ninth inning

And it came down to Shohei Ohtani to break it up — but a valiant effort from Mookie Betts, fully laying out for it in right field.

And he made one of the brilliant plays of the year to keep the no-hitter alive earlier in the game — almost definitely unintentional, but still.

Can’t get the runner out? Throw it away for an error and preserve the no-no!

7. The stat of the day: Who knew Luis Arraez was this good?

Not exactly a household name yet, even if you follow baseball somewhat closely — but take a look at this:

8. There’s a switch-pitcher at the MLB Draft combine

Move over, Pat Venditte.

8. Vladdy Jr. hit the first walk-off winner of his career

After the Orioles decided not to walk him, this came next.

9. MLB umpires know how to make baseball exciting

A confab on the infield lasted for over fifteen minutes, as they tried to make sure the rules on mound visits were properly applied.

10. And when the game resumed (finally), the Yankees won again

People were saying they’d had an easy schedule, that maybe the historically great record was a bit inflated — and then the Rays came to town, and tonight the Yankees get to go for the sweep.

And it’s the longest home winning streak ever at the new Yankee Stadium:

11. A more concrete update on this week’s promising Scherzer + deGrom sightings

12. And lastly — Manny Machado has 1,500 hits

Without almost anyone noticing, he’s amassing hits at a historic pace — not yet 30 years old and already halfway to 3,000.



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