June 15, 2022

1. Miles Mikolas lost a no-hitter in the ninth inning, with two outs and two strikes

As close as you can get, and off the bat it looked like a very catchable ball — that just ending up carrying and carrying.

And that’s no error on the broadcast graphic, with the one Pirates run there on the screen — it was one of those very rare no-hit bids where it wouldn’t even be a shutout, after the Pirates scored after a two-base error and two ground-ball advancements in the fourth inning.

2. How to avoid the heat wave if you can’t get inside

When finding yourself stuck in a sun-exposed baseball dugout, take after Jose Abreu.

3. The Braves are still streaking

That’s thirteen games in a row now, with no signs of slowing down.

And ten straight against the Nationals on the road, too:

Here are the NL East standings this afternoon, with the defending champs finally coming alive and getting back into the mix:

4. The Fernando Tatis Jr. injury timeline is longer than expected

Bad news for the Padres, who (to most everyone’s surprise) are tied for first place in the NL West, even without Tatis playing a single game all season.

Here he was yesterday afternoon at Wrigley:

5. And bad injury news for Walker Buehler

6. Ichiro Suzuki made an appearance at the Twins vs. Mariners game

And met his favorite left-handed batter:

7. The violent baseball headline of the day

There’s the home run of the day, the great defensive play of the day, and so on — well, we might just need to introduce a new daily category, if the summer heat riles enough people up at little league games across the country.

8. The stat of the day: The Yankees are really good

From the baseball Reddit page earlier today, a stat that doesn’t need to even mention the Yankees by name to point out just how hot they’ve been.

9. The Phillies might be back to their old ways

In yesterday’s newsletter, there was the praise. There was the comment about this team triumphing over mediocrity. The winning streak.

Now, they’re back to .500 after an ugly loss.

10. And lastly, the most fearful rotation might be reassembling soon

The first time deGrom and Scherzer have been back in the dugout together all season, and if good health comes back into the fold — this might just be that running away with it team.



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