June 14, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
2 min readJun 14, 2022


1. The Braves might never lose again

That’s twelve wins in a row, the longest streak in baseball this year — and they get series against the lowly Nationals and Cubs coming up.

2. There were tornado warnings at Wrigley Field last night

That could double as the new home run celebration noise.

Even still, they were able to play a full game after the storm passed — and the Padres are now tied with the Dodgers for the NL West lead.

3. The defensive play of the day: Diego Castillo

4. “Nasty Nestor” should become a real video game

Based on this little animation from the Yankees, it has to happen.

5. The deep home run of the night: Jose Abreu

He’s been a bit cold to start the year, but last night he went yard twice — with the second one going well over the already-deep center field fence in Detroit.

6. The Phillies stay hot with a walk-off win

They went on a wild win streak last week just to get back over .500, and so far they’re managing not to slip back into mediocrity.

8. Sandy Alcantara is quietly having a brilliant year

When you play for the Marlins, people seem to miss what goes on down there — but the guy has been absolutely stellar.

9. The stat of the day: Guerrero family synchronicity

10. The schedule of today’s games

One already in the books this afternoon, and some great ones tonight:

Rays vs. Yankees

Brewers vs. Mets

Angels vs. Dodgers

11. The error of the day: Yu Chang

Baseball is hard. But this? This should never happen.

12. And lastly, the College World Series starts this week

These eight teams are heading to Omaha:



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