June 10, 2022

1. Tony La Russa made the strangest managerial decision of the year

By strangest, I mean the worst. And maybe of the past decade.

And I’m never a fan of the people going “That guy is senile!!” when criticizing anyone over the age of 60 — but in this case? They might just be on to something. Here were his comments after the game:

2. Shohei Ohtani single-handedly ended the Angels’ losing streak

The streak was 14 games sitting on 15, with Mike Trout out injured, their new manager still winless — and then last night, Ohtani took the mound, pitched a gem of a game, and hit a two-run homer to take the lead.

And they’ve done it. The Angels won a game.

3. The Phillies might just be back

Not sure they were ever even here this year, but they were there and now they’re there no longer. They’re back. Maybe.

Seven straight wins.

And the highlights from yesterday’s win — two home run balls clobbered in Milwaukee:

4. The Cubs play tonight at Yankee Stadium

Even with interleague play expanding almost every season, it’s still one of those rare meetings that feels historic.

5. Stephen Strasburg’s long-awaited return didn’t go well

Starting with the very first pitch of the game.

6. Charlie Montoyo plays salsa at a club in Toronto

He might be the only major-league baseball manager in Canada, but he’s the coolest major-league baseball manager in Canada.

7. Gerrit Cole gave up back-to-back-to-back HRs to start last night’s game

It didn’t stop there, with two more home runs given up, seven earned runs — and yet, this Yankees team still came back and won.

Here was the key moment of the turnaround:

8. Baseball fan mustaches don’t get much better than this

From yesterday’s game in San Francisco:

9. There’s a new candidate for terrible ump call of the year

10. Bears quarterback Justin Fields took batting practice at Wrigley

11. Various news and bits from around the league

12. And lastly, kudos to Steve Stone for broadcasting for 40 years



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