July 5, 2022

1. Max Scherzer returns tonight

The Mets have still hung on to first place with their two aces out, but the timing couldn’t be better here — the Braves are right on their heels.

2. And the Mets are the first National League team to 50 wins

3. The Twins turned a historic triple play last night

As the White Sox hit one of the low points of their season — another loss to the divison-leading team, a record still under .500 now, and maybe the worst base-running display of the year.

The first 8–5 triple play in major-league history:

4. Highlights from baseball’s 4th of July yesterday

5. Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez is worth all the hype

The A.L. Player of the Week (announced today), and by far the best rookie in the league to start the year.

And a home run yesterday, on top of a building.

6. The Cardinals turned a wild double play on a ricochet

111.4 mph off the pitcher’s hand, and two outs just like that:

And it seems like he’s okay for now, too:

7. Seiya Suzuki hit an inside-the-park HR in his first game since May

When you see a guy take off like that, he’s most definitely healthy again.

8. The Orioles won on a walk-off hit-by-pitch


With a clutch hit by the rookie Adley Rutschman to get them into extra innings and set up the win:

9. Trayce Thompson is back with the Dodgers

If he keeps it up, maybe he’ll get past the “Klay Thompson’s brother” mention, with everything he does?

10. And lastly, some very old Moonlight Graham autographs have been discovered

For the most obscure baseball history appreciators out there:



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