July 29, 2022

1. Aaron Judge hit a walk-off home run for a 1–0 win

Before this season, he’d never had a walk-off of any kind in his career, and now he has three.

And he’s on pace for something truly historic.

2. Highlights from the Congressional baseball game last night

This is as electric as C-SPAN gets.

3. Updates on the trade deadline front

August 2nd is fast approaching, and some massive names are spinning around in the rumor mill.

4. The pitching highlight of the day: Shohei Ohtani

Another great outing, and yet the Angels lose again — 2–0.

5. Major League Baseball sent a letter to Congress today

From the article in today’s LA Times:

6. The at-bat of the day: Yermin Mercedes

You might remember him from the breakout year with the White Sox in 2021, the controversy with Tony La Russa, then being out of the big leagues. And now he’s back, in San Francisco — with an 11-pitch at-bat to take the early lead last night.

7. The unfortunate broadcast graphic of the day

This might need to become the new name for the in-state Pennsylvania rivalry between the Phillies and Pirates.

8. MLB’s new hitter power rankings, released this afternoon

With two most hyped prospects-turned-rookies at #8 and #9.

9. The quote of the day: Derek Jeter on the Mets

10. We might be seeing the end of the Willson Contreras era in Chicago

And we Cubs fans will be awfully sad to see him go.

11. And lastly, the Oakland Coliseum is falling apart

A feral cat infestation earlier this year, bad attendance, a roster that lost all its top talent, a franchise that might move to Las Vegas — and now this.

Give a hug to your local A’s fan.



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