July 28, 2022

1. The Mets sweep the Subway Series in Queens

Ending on a walk-off winner in front of an electric, packed crowd.

And the bad two-week stretch for the Yankees continues.

2. But the Yankees just found their Joey Gallo replacement

Andrew Benintendi is now a pinstriper.

4. The home run of the day: Julio Rodriguez

A three-run homer crushed for the lead, by the rookie.

5. Mike Trout has yet another injury

Maybe the worst year imaginable for Angels fans, who thought this might be a turning-the-corner kind of season for the whole team.

6. Luis Castillo may have pitched his last start with the Reds

The trade deadline is coming, he’s among the most heavily rumored-to-move players in the league — and yesterday he had a probable farewell to the home crowd in Cincinnati.

7. The White Sox lost an excruciating ninth inning yesterday

Kendall Graveman comes in with a lead, and it goes like this:

Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk-off.

8. Today’s highlight of the afternoon: Trey Mancini

In maybe his last at-bat as an Oriole, an inside-the-park home run.

9. Albert Pujols inches another home run closer to #700

Unless he comes back for a few months next year, he probably won’t quite get there — but he’s that close.

10. And lastly, highlights from Max Scherzer’s dominance last night

Packed stadium. Subway Series. Seven shutout innings.

On his 38th birthday.



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