July 26, 2022

The Baseball Newsletter
3 min readJul 26, 2022


1. Baseball’s last remaining mud supplier may go extinct

And by “mud”, they mean mud — literally.

Here are the great opening lines to the piece:

2. The catch of the day: Ben Gamel

3. This is what happens when you pitch way too slowly

Every crowd in baseball should start doing countdowns — as almost every pitcher (outside of Nestor Cortes) takes twenty seconds too long, each pitch.

4. Mariano Rivera co-owns a baseball league in the Middle East

From the Khaleej Times:

Here he was this morning on The Dan Patrick Show:

6. The first Yankees vs. Mets series of the year starts tonight

And maybe a preview of another subway series in October.

7. The Phillies made a much-needed comeback last night

It began with a bad start to the game, two runs scoring on an error:

And then, with two outs and a full count in the bottom of the eighth, Bryson Stott came through.

8. The unlikely triple of the day: Juan Soto

A cheeky, choppy little ground ball toward first base, somehow it gets through for a two-run triple that would end up winning the game.

9. Which prompted the stat of the day

10. And the very unlikely double of the day

A baseball is round, but it comes in a square case.

11. Suzyn Waldman and Chris Russo made the Radio Hall of Fame

Two of the most recognizable New York baseball voices ever.

12. And lastly, Zack Greinke hit a milestone last night

Here’s the list:



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