July 22, 2021

1. Yermin Mercedes retires and unretires in one day

The guy starts his MLB career 8-for-8, then continues on a dominant tear for the first month of the season, crushing home run balls 470-plus feet, leading the league in batting average — and then, the magic wore off. Then, there was the Tony La Russa incident. Yermin swinging away on 3–0 in a blowout win. The controversy. The numbers continuing to dip, then tailspin.

The demotion to the minor-leagues.

And then, a retirement:

And then, today, the unretirement:

And you remember that old Seinfeld episode, where George simply goes back to work, after quitting — with a video edit crafted by yours truly:

2. Baseball and softball make their long-awaited return to the Olympics

Both sports have been off the official Olympics list since 2008, but now, in baseball-devoted Tokyo, they’re back:

Even before the opening ceremonies tomorrow night, softball games have already started up:

With the baseball coming up in a few days — should be a great watch, even without any (current) MLB stars playing for Team USA:

3. The Giants are the first MLB team to 60 wins

Who had that before the season started?

And over the Dodgers, no less, in a very big series in L.A., as they take two of three after a perhaps umpire-aided win late last night, scoring three in the ninth to take the lead:

4. “Juniors” going yard again: Vladdy and Fernando

5. Anthony Rizzo had a big blunder, and the Cardinals walk off the Cubs

Tenth inning, tie game, the Cubs have two runners on, no outs, maybe on the brink of a series win in St. Louis, and then it all fell apart.

Anthony Rizzo, very out of character, blundering into a double play on the basepaths — and the Cubs coming up empty:

A few minutes later, Yadi hits the walk-off double:

6. In other walk-off news, the Yankees beat the Phillies

Don’t let the Yankees get hot, people are saying. They’ve won four in a row, and don’t let these guys get hot, they’re saying.

Are they getting hot?

7. In other other walk-off news, the Rays come storming back and beat the Orioles

Brilliant, very clutch hit from Austin Meadows with the Rays down by a run, as they keep pace in the stacked AL East:

8. New Era continues the bizarro-world trend and releases “upside down” hats

It’s a been a weird, baffling year for official MLB hats, and now there’s another chapter: logos, turned upside down.

And then, these too:

9. The Tigers are on a little win streak

Something to cheer for, in this dark era of Detroit baseball.

10. And lastly: Shohei Ohtani loves to pick up trash

The wholesome moment of the day, from baseball’s most beloved player.

The guy can really do it all, can’t he?



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